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Keith Gordon

CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Weight Control

The one question that I am most often asked is,‘can you hypnotise me?’ or restated ‘I don’t believe that I can be put into a trance!’.


The fascinating thing about this comment is that most over-eaters actually eat in a trance-like state.  I listen to comments such as ‘I find myself at the fridge’, ‘once I start on the nuts iI can’t help myself', ‘just the smell of chocolate makes me lose control!’.


So, much of the work we do together is not to hypnotise you but to de-hypnotise you, in order that you become fully aware of what you are doing, what you are eating, and to give you back the feeling of being in control.


We also work through what I refer to as ‘past-conditioning’.  This refers to eating patterns that may well go back to your childhood and the most common examples are ‘finish everything that is on your plate otherwise you will eat it tomorrow’, or ‘never waste food – it’s a sin’.


It is amazingly difficult to make what should be very simple changes and it is only by challenging and overcoming these powerful long-held thoughts, that you can make long-term successful changes.


Once we have worked through past indoctrinated beliefs and reviewed your diet,  I then work with hypnotic techniques which include ‘reactivating your inner child’, ‘virtual gastric band therapy’, and ‘regression’.


I also provide self-hypnosis recordings that are part of your homework and will become an essential part of the change process.  

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