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Keith Gordon

CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Eating Disorders

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder that commonly effects women and can start very early in life even as young as from 11, although typically from14 or 15 but there seems to be no indication of an upper limit when it might begin


Bulimia covers a range of actions that we associate with this particular eating disorder.  Typically you get a combination from gorging, bingeing, vomiting, taking laxatives and diuretics, fasting and compulsive eating. Bingeing can often occur in isolation of purging.  Often the habits start as away of avoiding feelings and unfortunately this behaviour can become the norm.  CBT and psychoeduation help the individual learn that the eating disorder

is a 'coping mechanism' which helps to block thoughts and feelings and escape.  The problem is that the tactic doesnt make the individual strong or resielient and this is what the course of therapy is designed to help introduce.

Commonly these actions arose through peer pressure in late teens and have simply become a way of life ever since.  There is also a strong ritualistic element to the behaviour where the sufferer knows the actual food types and the time period needed that will help achieve the  most fulfilling evacuation.


Unfortunately this eating ‘style’ causes immense problems on the body and there comes a point where the devastation is irreversible.


It is also quite common that the pressures that caused the eating habits in the first place have changed and it is quite possible that the Bulimic sufferer doesn’t actually know what they are protecting themselves from anymore.


Binge eating can also be a significant factor and can co-exist alongside the Bulimia or be present on its own.


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