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Keith Gordon

CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

My Book Shelf

Some of the Books in my library

  • Ethics in Psychotherapy and Councelling - Pope Vaquez

  • Mind-Body Therapy - Rossi Cheek

  • Understanding Emotions - Oatley & Jenkins

  • Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis - William S. Kroger M.D.

  • Psychotherapy with Couples - Ruszcynski

  • Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy - Roger P. Allen

  • Mum can you lend me twenty quid (what drugs did to my family) - Elizabeth Burton- Phillips

  • The Sexual Healing Journey - Wendy maltz


  • Skills in Gestalt Councelling and Psychotherapy - Joyce & Stills

  • The Presenting Past  (the core of psychodynamic councelling and therapy) - Michael Jacobs

  • The Way of Council - Zimmerman & Coyle

  • Many Lives, Many Masters - Dr Brian Weiss

  • Hypnosis Suggestions and Metaphors - Hammond PhD

  • Hartland's Medical & Dental Hypnosis - David Waxman


  • Inside Lives (psychoanalysis and the growth of the personality) - Margot Waddell, Tavistock Clinic Series

  • Pornland (how porn has hijacked our sexuality) - Gail Dynes

  • Intergrative Councelling Skills in Action - Sue Culley

  • I want a Divorce - Simone E Katzenberg

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy (an integrated approach to the treatment of emotional disorders) - Assen Alladin

  • Fat is a Feminist Issue - Susie Orbach


  • Facing Love Addiction (giving yourself the power to change the way you love) - Pia Mellody

  • Introducing Freud - Appignanesi & Zarate

  • Therapy Nudity & Joy (the therapeutic use of nudity through the ages) - Aileen Goodson PhD




  • Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders - Robert L Leahy, Stephen J.F. Holland, Lata K. McGinn

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Eating Disorders - Christopher G. Fairburn

  • Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy

  • An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - David Westbrook, Helen Kennerley, Joan Kirk

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Foundations for Practice - Frank Wills with David Sanders

  • Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Sarah Corrie, Micheal Townsend, Adrian Cockx




  • Dryden's Handbook of Individual Therapy - Windy Dryden 

  • The Hungry Self (Women, Eating and Identity) - Kim Chernin

  • Past Life Regression - Mary Lee LaBay

  • Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice - Ann Williamson

  • Still - In the Storm (How to manage your stress and achieve balance in life) - Dr Ann Williamson

  • The Wisdom of Insecurity - Alan W. Watts

  • Private Thoughts - Wendy Maltz & Suzie Boss

  • Why Marriages Succees or Fail - John Gottman PhD

  • The Marriage Book (how to build a lasting relationship) - Nicky & Sila Lee

  • Sigmund Freud on Sexuaity

  • The Skilled Helper - Gerard Egan

  • Instant Confidence - Paul McKenna

  • Chinese Medicine (The web that has no weaver) - Kaptchuk

  • Men and Sex - Bernard Zilbergeld

  • Overcoming Impotence - J. Stephen Jones M.D.

  • Psychotherapy Handbook (Hypnotherapy) - Heap and Dryden

  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Windy Dryden

  • Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul - Dean Ornish M.D.

  • Creative Choice in Hypnosis - Milton Erickson

  • Waist Disposal (the ultimate fat loss manual for men) - Dr John Biffa

  • Healing in Hypnosis - Milton Erickson (Rossi, Ryan, Sharp)

  • The 3 Minute Meditator - Harp & feldman

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) - Francine Shapiro

  • A History of Psychiatry - Edward Shorter 




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