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Keith Gordon

CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Mindfullness is something that you take home with you to practice.  I feel that It's really important that my clients have something that they can work with on their own, in order to resolve current issues and understand that they can build up resilience against future normal day to day hurdles that life presents.  Mindfullness is an incredible resource that helps you to see the world differently and more importantly helps you to understand what is going on inside your own body and mind.



Quote from The Daily telegraph


By Anna Maxted

7:00AM BST 13 Jul 2014


My mind often feels like a dusty cupboard, full of junk. I have so many thoughts in my head that my brain hurts. Work, social and familial obligations jostle for space. Modern life is fraught. How is it possible not to be stressed? If anyone has the answer, it’s Buddhist monk Bhante Kondanna, who, at 75, travels the world teaching its tenser inhabitants how to find inner peace. London is a frequent base, and on a recent visit I beg to be enlightened.


“Stress,” says Bhante, over tea at Kensington’s Mandarin Oriental, “is a new disease. When I was small, no one talked about stress. We decide what stresses us. We teach people to observe everything as a challenge in life, not a stress.”


This self-awareness is, essentially, mindfulness, the buzzword of the moment. It involves focusing on the present, learning to understand our thoughts and feelings, often through meditation. Even the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Rowan Williams, has revealed that he performs a Buddhist-influenced meditation as part of his daily routine of prayer.


Mindfulness can help us overcome insomnia, overeating or other mental or intellectual issues. “If you look after the mind,” Bhante says, “keep it cool and clean, it looks after the body.”