Keith Gordon

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Golf - The Yips

In golf, the yips is commonly associated with putting and this is the area that I will concentrate on here.  If you have the yips in any other area of your golf game or indeed any other sport I will be more than pleased to discuss how my services will help you overcome them.


The yips when putting are as catastrophic to the golfer as the shank, they destroy confidence and much of the time out on the course is spent worrying about the approach shots to the green and on the green.  Many a golfer has given up the game for months. years or completely because of these highly unpleasant conditions.


So the questions I am commonly asked are:-

Are the yips physical?

The answer is yes.

Are the yips psychosomatic (psychological, mental)?

The answer is yes.

Are the yips curable?

The answer is yes.

The approach for treating the yips is twofold:


1. Psychological

Sorting out the fears and getting the unconscious mind to recognise that the little white plastic cup doesn’t actually represent every fear that you have ever faced in your life, it is no longer going to be the little black hole into which your worst fears are realised.  The little white cup is going to be your welcoming friend with little hands just waiting to catch your ball as it gently glides into the hole.


2. Physical

The probability is that your putting technique is in need of an overhaul.  When you consider the time and attention that has been paid to your driving, your iron play, your pitching and your chipping...and then consider the number of lessons that you have had on putting, well it stands to reason that this side of your game can feel fearful.

As part of the overall process of helping you to overcome the yips I will be working with you on guided imagery so that you can imagine creating a smooth flowing putt which is yip free, but I usually also recommend that you have a few lessons from your local pro to ensure that you are mechanically sound to perform the best putting technique based on your own body language, style and comfort.