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Keith Gordon

CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy


Are you ready to smoke your last cigarette?


Smoking has a lot in common with bad eating habits.  It’s commonly something you learn to do when you are quite young, people smoke when bored or under pressure and typically most of the cigarettes are smoked ‘in a trance like state’.


I work with you to establish the reasons that you still smoke, why you have found it difficult to give up and most importantly to enable you to start to imagine yourself as a non-smoker.


I work on the basis of 3 sessions:


Session 1

Reviewing your smoking history, previous attempts to quit smoking, your fears about coping as a non-smoker.  Hypnosis session.


Session 2

Quit smoking hypnosis session


Session 3

Your ‘wildcard’ session that you can use at anytime in the future should you feel tempted to have a cigarette or in the event of you having had one. 


It works!



Quitza - Smoking cessation support


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